Find out what your users want.

Whether you're selling a product, crowd-funding, educating, self-promoting, or some combination — you want your audience to engage with you in a meaningful way. Happy users come back. Happy users tell their friends. Happy users will even fund your business— just by asking.

That's what I do.
We'll make your users happy & achieve your goals.

Every click, retweet, open, unsubscribe, form-fill, and complaint is a datapoint that we can use with smart A/B testing, analysis, and marketing know-how to get a better idea what your audience is looking for. My skills in web & email design, front-end development, and some engineering means that I can work with different departments to find viable solutions with the least amount of overhead.

You have metrics. You have goals.

Clicks. Conversions. Opens. Sales. Downloads. Tweets. Shares. Forwards. Calls. Form-fills. Revenue.

Achieve your goals.
Give users what they're looking for.

Build what's important to you and your userbase. Let's get started.

Identify your company goals. Use statistics to support them. Don't know how? I can help, hit me up on twitter.

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